Membership Plan

No insurance? No problem. Or maybe you’re paying huge dental insurance premiums and don’t use it for much more than a few checkups and cleanings a year.  Perhaps you’re frustrated by your insurance maxing out after just a few procedures, or you’re stuck in a waiting period before they’ll cover that crown. 

We have developed this membership plan to address these and other common barriers to care. 

What you get: 

  • Upon enrollment members get a full comprehensive exam,  X-Rays and treatment plan.
  • Two checkups and cleanings + standard periodic X-Rays per year, so there is no extra expense to your preventive care.
  • All dental fees reduced 20% with no maximum.  

What it costs: 

  • A one time enrollment fee of $150.
  • Then membership is only $25/mo.
  • Monthly  fee can be set up on a recurring credit card charge.
  • Plan is a 12 month obligation and automatically renews. 

Examples: Common treatment for a toothache is a root canal, core and crown which can run around $2200-2500. The membership plan will save you $400-500. Or in the case of a non-restorable tooth, we would plan extraction, graft, implant and restoration, which can add up to over $4,000.  As a member you’ll save over $800.

Compared to Insurance:

  • No deductible.
  • No maximum, not annually, not ever.
  • No need to wait until next year for your insurance to roll over.
  • No waiting period. 
  • Treatment will not interfere with your eligibility to come in for cleanings, which can often happen with insurance plans. 

Join our patient family and you can sign up for our membership plan today!