Practice History

This dental practice has been in Norman for over 60 years. Opened in 1960 by Dr. William Dobson. A graduate of the Baylor University College of Dentistry, Dr. Dobson was in general practice for ten years in Norman before returning to Baylor to specialize in pediatric dentistry. He completed his dental career and retired in Texas. 

Upon returning to school, Dr. Dobson turned the practice over to Dr. Jack Sullivan in 1974 when Dr. Sullivan moved the practice to its former location at 112 S. Berry Rd. Tragically Dr. Sullivan passed at a young age and in 1984 Dr. Randy White took the reins. Eventually Dr. White began teaching part time at the University of Oklahoma College of dentistry. It was here that he met his protege Dr. Bird. In 2007 Dr. Bird graduated and joined the practice and Dr. White continued to practice part time until he retired in 2014. 

Dr. William Dobson Jr. 1960-1974

  • Originated our phone number 405-321-2525
  • Graduate Baylor University College of Dentistry 1960
  • Returned to Texas in 1974 to attend a pediatric dentistry residency in 1974 selling his Norman practice to Dr. Sullivan
  • Continued practice as Pediatric specialist in Texas until he retired in 1996.


Photo credit History or Norman FB Page

Dr. Jack Sullivan 1974-1984

A Graduate of Harding High School in OKC. Dr. Sullivan then attended and received a degree from OU.

He graduated from The University of Tennessee Dental School before returning to Oklahoma and taking over the practice from Dr. Dobson in 1974. He was Survived by wife, Ann, 2 sons, Jackson & Scot, daughter Tiffany, His son Dr. Jackson Sullivan is a practicing Endodontist and in quite the coincidence, during his 4th year dental school externships Dr. Bird spent a few days in his Edmond practice. 

* Locating photos and additional personal details about Dr. Sullivan has proven difficult, if anyone has any information or photos they can share please reach out to [email protected].

Dr. Randy White 1980-2014 

Dr. Jonathan Randolph “Randy” White was born in Pensacola, FL. He graduated from Norman High School in 1972, then attended OU, where he graduated with a Bachelor of Arts with high honors in Mathematics in 1976. He then went on to the OU College of Dentistry, and was part of the first graduating class of the OU College of Dentistry (OUCOD). Upon graduation he established his own practice in Norman and later assumed Dr. Sullivan’s practice until his retirement from dentistry in 2014.

 In 1989, he started teaching a class at the OU College of Dentistry (OUCOD), and in 2005 his teaching duties expanded to multiple classes, all while keeping his practice open. He also served on various committees within OUCOD during his time there. In 2008, he took over as editor of the OUCOD alumni publication, OU Dentistry, and in 2015 he was named editor of the Oklahoma Dental Association Journal.

Dr. White was involved in countless organizations over his career, including the Cleveland County Dental Society, Oklahoma Dental Association, and the American Dental Association. He received numerous professional accolades, including multiple Outstanding Faculty awards from the OUCOD Student Council, the ODA President’s Leadership Award in 2014, and most recently the Benjamin Franklin Scroll Award in 2017 for his work on the ODA Journal.

In addition to many professional accomplishments, Dr. White was also active in his community. He was a member of First Presbyterian Church in Norman, where he sang in the choir and served as Deacon, Elder, and Trustee. He volunteered his time and dentistry skills with Oklahoma Mission of Mercy, and was on the Big Brothers/Big Sisters Recruitment Committee. He also improved the smiles of many patients, pro bono.

Dr. White influenced the lives of many students, not only with his knowledge of dentistry, but with his dry sense of humor, quick wit, and his encyclopedic wisdom of pop culture and music history. His love for music of all kinds was furthered by the many, many concerts he attended with friends and family, along with many, many trips to Guestroom Records.

Dr. White was an avid sports fan. He loved the Boston Celtics, the Chelsea Football Club, the Chicago Bears, and the Chicago Cubs. He was very happy to see the Chelsea Football Club win the Premier League in the 2016-2017 season, and was absolutely thrilled when the Chicago Cubs won the 2016 World Series. Dr. White didn’t only watch sports – he also enjoyed playing basketball at the YMCA and at the Family Life Center. He also loved coaching the dental hygiene students in their softball league.